With the rise of video resumes, it is now more important than ever to stand out. TikTok and LinkedIn have created an opportunity for you do just that!

With social media as our constant companion, the lines between personal and professional life have become increasingly blurred. Nowadays we can find new jobs on sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

More than ever before, job seekers are turning to social media for guidance and inspiration. With the goal of getting employed individuals showcase their interests in order create a digital resume like portfolio that can be tailored according the companies needs.

Social networks do not want to miss this train, and it becomes a great opportunity for these platforms that retain millions of users per second behind the screen. One of them is TikTok, which has already announced that it will include its own function to help job seekers to be hired more easily.

The social media landscape is ever-changing. With YouTube and Instagram, anyone can upload videos or take pictures that showcase their talents to the world in an unrivaled way—allowing them greater creative freedom than before! This has created a new challenge for employers: how do we find talent while giving job seekers what they want?